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1993-  Markus Frost - vocals, bass
2004-  Thorsten Derks - guitars
2009-  Jan Jansohn - guitars
2009-  Anne - flute
2010-  Niklas Enns - keyboards
2011-  Mischa - drums
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1993-1997  Nermin "Oberon" Hadziovic - guitars
1993-1998  Mike "Ariovist" Engelmann - drums
› 2010-2011  -//-
1993-2001  Mirko Klier - guitars
› 2007-2009  -//-
1996-2010  Ingeborg Anna Baumgärtel - flute, vocals
1997-2004  Andreas Samek - guitars
1998-2010  Tim Baumgärtel - drums, piano
2001-2007  Benjamin Ulkan - guitars
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2002  Eric "Fish" Hecht - vocals

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Some of the older readers may remember that I once reviewed "Metal Message IV", a compilation that aims at showcasing the best of Viking, Folk, Pagan metal. The guys behind Metal Message are now back with a fifth issue, remarkably titled "V"....
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Folk Metal is establishing more and more these days as one of the leading sub-genres of Metal, and labels are really pushing forward the development of the genre, what started as a pretty obscure sub-genre, now is becoming the lead act of many labels...
Review by Undercraft ››

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