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Officium Triste

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Also known as Reïncremated (1994)

Country: The Netherlands
Label: Transcending Obscurity

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Formed in: 1994
Broke up: 1998-1999

1994-Death doom metal
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1994-  Pim Blankenstein - vocals
1994-  Gerard de Jong - guitars
1994-2008  Martin Kwakernaak - drums, keyboards
› 2008-  -//- keyboards
2009-  Niels Jordaan - drums
2014-  William van Dijk - guitars
2016-  Theo Plaisier - bass
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1994-1996  Maarten v.d. Giessen - bass
1994-2007  Johan Kwakernaak - guitars
1996-2000  Johan Mijnster - bass
1999-2000  Johan Tonnon - guitars
2000-2015  Lawrence Meyer - bass
2007-2014  Bram Bijlhout - guitars
2008-2009  Ronald Lagerwaard - drums
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Latest reviews

And just like that, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced, Officium Triste mark their 25th anniversary with a return that will undoubtedly cause the immediate revision of many a best of the year/decade lists.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
If you had a beer for every year it has been since Officium Triste released an album, you'd have consumed a six pack, which is about 2/3 of what each Marcel and I put down when we met up in Amsterdam and we spent a good chunk of time talking about...
Review by BitterCOld ››
The Dutch doomsters Officium Triste released this album as a 'celebration' (can doomsters celebrate? No one has sent me my doom fan handbook yet and I could use a ruling on this) of, well, as the title implies, 15 years of their doomed existence....
Review by BitterCOld ››

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