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2019-  Fernanda Lira - vocals, bass
2019-  Luana Dametto - drums
2019-  Tainá Bergamaschi - guitars
2022-  Jéssica Di Falchi - guitars
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2019-2022  Sonia "Anubis" Nusselder - guitars
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2022  Jéssica Di Falchi - guitars
2023  Pablo Greg - keyboards

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If you thought Echoes of the Soul was hard-hitting, then think again. Crypta have returned once more, this time adding an extra dose of brutality, as they continue to strive to nail their classic old school-meets-modern death metal sound.
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On-point Brazilian old school death metal mastered by Jens Brogen.

Got your attention? Good.
Review by Dream Taster ››

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