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1983-  Volker "Freddy" Fredrich - vocals, guitar
2013-  Marco Lohrenz - bass
2019-  Richard "Rik" Charron - drums
2019-  Glen Shannon - guitars
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1983-1988  Lars "Lala" Honeck - bass
1983-2008  Axel Strickstrock - drums
1984-2008  Jürgen "Jogi" Weltin - bass, guitar (1984-2007)
1989-1992  Michael "Mörtsch" Mörgelin - bass
1992-1996  Bernhard "Erna" Matt - bass
› 1999-2003  -//-
1996  Alexander Heil - bass
› 2008-2010  -//-
1996-1998  Christian Engler - bass
2002-2012  Andi Gern - guitars
2003-2005  Mac Meder - bass
2005-2007  Andre - bass
2008-2014  Klaus Enderlin - drums
2010-2013  Andi Nagel - bass
2012-2014  André Boismenu - guitars
2014-2019  Michael Lohrenz - guitars
2014-2019  Chris Mosh - drums
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Latest reviews

It would seem Necronomicon have done it again, that is, producing thrash... Constant To Death thrash.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
Thrash metal is surprising us pleasantly this year with some very good releases from young or younger bands. Necronomicon is a name that dates back to the '80s but The Final Chapter is full of youthful energy and great tunes.
Review by nikarg ››
Once again it has come to a Tribute album, the kind of album you'll either love or hate.
Normally I'm not that fond of these kinds of albums, I think they are pretty useless, why gather an album with just covers? I mean, almost every band does...
Review by Malcolm ››
"Old School Thrash never dies" that's a famous quotation, and I don't think that quotation has been in better use before.
Because it was nine years ago Necronomicon released their last (fourth) album, and since that it has been dead...
Review by Malcolm ››

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