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Country: The Netherlands
Label: The Electric Co.

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Formed in: 1998
Hiatus: 2016-

1998-Progressive power metal


1998-  Bas Dolmans - guitars, vocals
1998-  Ivo van Dijk - drums
2004-  Bob Wijtsma - guitars
2009-  Luuk van Gerven - bass
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1998-2002  Pim van Drunen - keyboards
1998-2007  Tim van Dijk - bass
2003-2004  Desmond Robberegt - keyboards
2007-2009  Mark Brekelmans - bass
2007-2009  Joris van de Kerkhof - keyboards
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2003  Jeroen Hoegee - guitar
2004  Joris van de Kerkhof - keyboards
2004  Martin Plag - keyboards
2004  Rob van Boeckel - guitars
2004  Marlijn Weerdenburg - vocals
2008  John Vooijs - vocals
2008  Simone Simons - vocals
2008  George Oosthoek - vocals

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Symphonic/Progressive Power metal
Recorded: Rocktown Studio/RS29 Studio, The Netherlands 2005-2006
Label: The Electric Co.
Total Running Time: 51:53

Listening to "Surreal" and writing a review about it was quite the challenging experience to...
Review by Thryce ››
The third of four releases from Electric Co is actually the most surprising one so far. Xystus and their Power/Progressive Metal is better than you would dear to hope.
Holland if famous for their (Beauty & Beast) Gothic, but lately there have come...
Review by Malcolm ››


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