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2016-  Henrik Levahn - vocals, guitars
2016-  Fredrik Boëthius Fjȁrem - guitars
2016-  Pontus Levahn - drums
2023-  Daniel "Danne" Ekeroth - bass
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2016-2023  Erik Welén - bass
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2021  Pelle Jacobsson - percussion
› 2024  -//- effects
2024  Michael Esposito - effects
2024  Anton Sundell - vocals, guitars, bass
2024  Martin Hederos - organ, piano, minimoog, vocoder
2021  Johan Jansson - vocals
2024  Moltas Hedene - vocals
2024  Nina Kinert - vocals
2024  Shelley Levahn - vocals
2024  Holly Stacho - spoken word
2024  Henrik Palm - guitar solo
2024  David Bryntesson - french horn

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Horndal, the metal historians dedicated to chronicling the story of the hometown from which they took their name, cover another chapter in the small town’s history, and once more set it to a backdrop of top-tier sludge.
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Time for some rusty metal for the hopeless generations forced to see the natural resources being sucked dry by big corp. Time for an ode to post-industrial towns that were drained, pillaged and raped, and then were left to ruin when they had nothing more to give.
Review by nikarg ››

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