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Also known as Kathaaria (1994-1997)

Country: Australia
Label: Razed Soul Productions

Links: Bandcamp

Formed in: 1994

1997- Ambient black metal
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1994-  Sin Nanna - all instruments, vocals
2009  Scott Conner - keyboards, vocals


1997 Striborg/Veil Of Darkness/Kathaaria [Split]
1997 Cold Winter Moon [Demo]
1998 Misanthropic Isolation [Demo] 4
2000 In The Heart Of The Rainforest [Demo] 4
2002 Nocturnal Emissions [Demo] 4
2003 A Tragic Journey Towards The Light/Through The Forest To Spiritual Enlightenment [Compilation]
2003 Isle De Morts/Cold Winter Moon [Compilation]
2003 Nocturnal Emissions/Nyctophobia [Compilation]
2003 Nyctophobia [Demo] 3
2003 Misanthropic Isolation/In The Heart Of The Rainforest [Compilation] 3.5
2004 10 Years Of Roaming The Forests (94-04) [Compilation]
2006 Misanthropic Isolation/Roaming The Forests [Compilation]
2007 Striborg / Xasthur [Split] 6
2007 Journey Of A Misanthrope [DVD]
2008 In The Heart Of The Rainforest/Through The Forest To Spiritual Enlightenment [Compilation]
2009 Florestas De Perpétua Solidão [Split]
2009 Roaming The Misanthropic Forests [Boxset]
2009 Black Hatred In A Ghostly Corner [Split] 7
2010 Cold Winter Moon/In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death [Split] 3
2010 Vardan / Striborg [Split] 6
2016 Purifying The River Of Tears [Compilation]
2020 The Red Light Is Far Away [Split] 4
2020 Prisoners Of The Solar System [Split] 6.7
2022 Head In The Clouds [Single] 6
2022 In Between Worlds [Single] 6
2022 As My Soul Withers Away [Single] 4
2022 Eternal Forest Nightmare [Single] 6
2022 Through The Melancholy Tunnel Of Despair [Single] 5
2022 Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria [Single] 4
2022 The Anguish Of Unrequited Love [Single] 4
2022 In A Dark And Lonely Place [Single] 5
2022 The Frozen Window [Single] 5
2022 The Maladaptive Daydreamer [Single]
2022 A Portal Into Oblivion [Single]
2022 An Unfamiliar Journey [Single]
2022 The Ghostly Night Sky [Single]

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I can't believe I've made it to the end of this useless piece of rotten excrement. If I hadn't already heard the name of this one-man-band, I could have thought this is a parody, but unfortunately it is not. It wouldn't have been very...   Review by Deadsoulman ››
Striborg is a one man band (like so many others out there) that plays Raw Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone and the likes but with the addition of ambient elements. The brain of this project is Sin Nanna, and judging by his pictures he must be a really...   Review by Herzebeth ››

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