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Van Canto


2006-  Inga Scharf - lead vocals
2006-  Ross Thompson - higher rakkatakka-vocals
2006-  Stefan Schmidt - lower rakkatakka-vocals
2006-2015  Ingo Sterzinger - deep dandan-vocals
› 2017-  -//-
2007-  Bastian Emig - drums
2015-  Jan Moritz - deep dandan-vocals
2017-  Hagen Hirschmann - lead vocals
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2006-2007  Dennis Strillinger - drums
2006-2017  Sly - lead vocals
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2021  Philip Dennis Schunke - vocals
2008  Jan S. Mischon - drums
2008  Hansi Kürsch - vocals
2010  Tony Kakko - vocals
2010  Victor Smolski - guitars
2010  Chris Boltendahl - vocals
2011  Joakim Brodén - vocals
2011  Marcus Siepen - guitars
2016  Olaf Senkbeil - backing vocals
2016  Heidi Parviainen - backing vocals
2018  Kai Hansen - vocals

Latest reviews

I haven't been an avid follower of Van Canto's career, but since heavy metal is the only part of the world I don't completely shut myself off from, I have been watching them from the sidelines for a good decade or so. 12 years after the first bubbly-bubbly-doo-doo-doo hit the scene, I was curious to hear how the unusual concept had held up, and I'm afraid to say that Trust In Rust is less run-diggy-dun and more of a long, slow sigh.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
My first contact with Van Canto has been, to be honest, pretty painful. A classmate gave me his earphones suggesting me to listen to the "Master Of Puppets" cover, off their 2010 album Tribe Of Force. As my reaction was something like "Wow! These guys use their mouths better that your sister!", I went back home with the aching memory of a punch in the stomach and the name of Van Canto well written in my to-check-out mental list. From that very day, I've been a fervent fan of the German band.
Review by R Lewis ››
Although I'm aware running out of ideas isn't an option for Van Canto, I was still caught by surprise when they announced the recording of their fourth album only a year after the marvelous Tribe Of Force. Naturally, fears of a rushed and half-assed...
Review by Milena ››

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