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Monster Magnet


1989-  Dave Wyndorf - guitars, vocals
1998-2005  Phil Caivano - guitars
› 2009-  -//- guitars, backing vocals
2004-  Bob Pantella - drums
2010-  Garrett Sweeny - guitars
2013-  Chris Kosnik - bass
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1989-1991  Tim Cronin - bass, vocals
1989-1991  Tom Diello - drums
1989-1992  John McBain - guitars
1991-2003  Jon Kleiman - drums
1991-2003  Joe Calandra - bass
1992-2010  Ed Mundell - guitars
2003-2004  Michael Wildwood - drums
2003-2013  Jim Baglino - bass
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Latest reviews

What is a "reimagining," exactly? In the case of Monster Magnet, it means just what it seems to be implying: a reinterpretation of a previous work, taking a fresh lens of perspective to it and going all out from there. Thus, Milking The Stars is not a new album, at least not as we would typically understand the term. But in many ways it might as well be.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Monster Magnet are a joyride through the cosmos. For over 20 years Dave Wyndorf and company have known what makes good fun stoner music good fun stoner music. With a combination of the band's various bluesy, psychedelic, and spacey sounds they've...
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
The year 2007 was a good year for the monsters of Stoner Rock. Trouble and Down did a really nice come back and Monster Magnet has finally released its last album "4-Way Diablo". 2006 was not so great for Dave Wyndorf, the charismatic leader...
Review by Jeff ››

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