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Death Breath

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Country: Sweden
Label: Black Lodge
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Formed in: 2005

2005- Death metal


2005-  Andres Niklas "Nicke" Andersson - drums, guitars
2005-  Robert Pehrsson - guitars, vocals
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2005-2006  Magnus "Mange" Hedquist - bass
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2006-  Scott Carlson - bass, vocals
2007-  Erik Wallin - guitars
2007  Jörgen Sandström - vocals
2006  Fred Estby - vocals
2006  Jörgen Sandström - vocals
2006  Scott Carlson - vocals
2007  Erik Sahlström - vocals

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Even Death Metallers can be emotional. Of course their most vital and common emotions are anger and agression, but they are also capable of another emotion: nostalgia. At least, the Swedish Death Breath is capable of that feeling. All they care about...   Review by Lucas ››

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