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Also known as Belfegor, Nargoventor

Country: Finland
Label: Moribund Records

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Formed in: 1995

1995- Black metal


1995-  Narqath - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
2009-  Niflungr - bass, vocals
2012-  Lima - drums
2015-  Ruho - guitars
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1995-2002  Ville Pallonen - drums
1997-2008  Varjoherra - vocals
2001-2015  JL Nokturnal - guitars
2004-2006  Teemu "Blastbeast" Mutka - drums
2008-2011  Chernobog - drums
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2012  Joonas Pykälä-Aho - drums

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So I heard you were busy looking for the next Oranssi Pazuzu or ...And Oceans. Something a little progressive, maybe a little psychedelic, overly melodic, heavily atmospheric... well, I'm here to tell you that you might as well just look somewhere else.   Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Azaghal – no introduction needed. Either you know these Finnish raging Black metal monsters or you don't – in which case you probably won't like them anyway. They're back with a new one and this one's called Teraphim. And...   Review by Lucas ››
Most bands get what they deserve at some point in their history, exceptions reserved. Take for example the Finnish Azaghal. Ravaging the pagan vastlands since the demonic year of 1995, terrorizing mankind with their, and I quote, "Black Terror Metal...   Review by Lucas ››

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