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1990-  ATF Sinner - guitars, vocals
2017-  Domin - guitars
2020-  Nar-Sil - drums
2020-  Tiermes - bass
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1990-1992  Marcin "Martin" Russak - bass
1990-1994  Andrzej Kułakowski - guitars
1990-2001  Mittloff - drums
1993-1995  Daniel (IV) - bass
1995-2001  Ralph - guitars
1998-2007  Cyprian Konador - bass
2002-2005  Dariusz Zaborowski - drums
2002-2005  Piotr Jeziorski - guitars
2005-2006  Kamil Kondracki - guitars
2006-2014  Stanislaw Malanowicz - drums
2006-2015  Destroyer - guitars
2009-2013  Mortifer - bass
2014-2020  Pavulon - drums
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2005-2006  Łukasz Musiuk - guitars
2008  Mortifer - bass
2009  Kain - guitars
› 2013-2016  -//- bass
2013  Alexandra Arkhangelskaya - bass
2015-2017  Domin - guitars
2016-2018  Apeiron - bass
2018-2020  Tiermes - bass
2019  David Diepold - drums
2020  Nar-Sil - drums
2008  Michał Goliasz - vocals
2010  Piotr Leszczyński - synthesizer
2013  Androniki Skoula - backing vocals
2015  Filip Hałucha - bass
2017  Dean Paul Arnold - guitars

Latest reviews

It's easy to forget about Hate. You could very easily forget that you saw them opening for Overkill, of all bands, a few years back. You could just as easily forget that you were supposed to review their new album a couple of months ago. You might even forget that they opened for Vader ten feet in front of your face two hours ago.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Even though when I saw Hate open up for Mayhem a year or so ago I thought they were a local Behemoth cover band, and despite the fact that this album here sounds a bit like a collection of tracks cut from Evangelion, Hate deserves some credit. They've...
Review by wormdrink414 ››
Oh, Hate, why oh why are you so boring?

Compared to their previous Listenable offering, Morphosis, Hate have largely dropped the Zyklon/Behemoth cold black metal elements in favor of a more generic death metal sound. Erebos is also a significantly slower...
Review by jupitreas ››
Although Hate's Morphosis is far from being an embarrassing release, it is nevertheless a case of the band being "the little engine that couldn't". As much as their enthusiasm at expanding their musical palette should be commended,...
Review by jupitreas ››

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