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2000-2010  Petter Berntsen - bass
› 2014-2018  -//-
2000-2018  Czral - guitars, vocals
2000-2018  Einar "Esso" "Einz" Sjursø - drums
2010-2011  Bjørge Eide Martinsen - bass
2011-  Kai "Kaiz" Åsvik - bass
2003  Øyvind Hægeland - vocals
2003  Aggie Elisabeth Grøndal Peterson - vocals
2003  Kristoffer Rygg - vocals
› 2011  -//-
2011  Bård Ingebrigtsen - violin, baritone guitar, piano
2011  Kjartan Kristiansen - slide guitar
2016  Daniel Mongrain - guitars

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What is the nature of a virus, exactly? It attacks stable, living cells and replicates itself, to spread to other locations and keep gaining in power. So the music of Norway's Virus follows suit, as it attacks your fragile, stable body, gaining power as it makes it bounce, backflip, and behave in other delusional ways it ordinarily wouldn't. Is your body having a party? Is it being stricken by disease? It could be both. It could be neither. That's just part of the beauty of the Virus.
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