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Country: USA
Label: Relapse Records

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Formed in: 2002
Hiatus: 2011-2013

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2002-  Chris Bennett - guitars, vocals
2002-  Timothy "Tim" Mead - keyboards, vocals
2013-  Aaron Austin - guitars
2013-  Zachary Livingston - bass
2014-  Kevin Rendleman - drums
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2002-2003  Brian Barth - drums
2002-2003  Jared Madigan - bass
2002-2005  Dustin Addis - guitar
2003  Jeff Hyde - bass
› 2011  -//-
2003-2011  Anthony Couri - drums
2004-2005  Drew McDowell - bass
2005-2011  Sanford Parker - bass, vocals
2013-2014  Ryan Thomas - drums
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2003-2004  Joel Madigan - bass

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Nearly four years ago I sadly reported that Minsk was on indefinite hiatus. I also prophesied

But before you ponder seppuku at this news, the band is named after a city which has shown historical resilience to invasions and razing. So who knows, maybe...
Review by BitterCOld ››
Minsk are everything but an unknown band these days. Their '07 album The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment was nominated for the Metal Storm Awards of that year in the Post-Metal category, sharing the stage with behemoths like Neurosis and Jesu. A well-earned...
Review by Lucas ››

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