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2008-  Jacob Krogholt - guitar
2008-2010  Martin Niemann - drums
› 2013-  -//-
2015-  Bjarke Lassen - bass
2015-  Carl Peter - guitars
2015-  Morten Grønnegaard - vocals
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2008-2013  Henrik Waldemar Hald - vocals, bass
2010-2013  Jacob Ankær Johansen - drums
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2009  Jacob Ankær Johansen - drums

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When last we left the Copenhagen trio they had swept the inaugural MSA Clandestine Cut award, winning both reader and staff awards for their 2010 Legacy Of Wolves EP. Since that point they done got themselves signed and recorded their first full-length...
Review by BitterCOld ››
Rising are a sludgy trio hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, and EP 2009 is, well, just as the title would imply... a four song EP released in... you guessed it, 2009.

For starters, this release was completely self financed by the members of the band,...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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