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Subway To Sally


1990-  Silke "Frau Schmitt" Volland - violin, viola, vocals
1990-  Michael "Bodenski" Boden - acoustic guitar, vocals, hurdy-gurdy
1990-  Ingo Hampf - electric guitar
1990-  Silvio "Sugar Ray" Runge - bass
1990-  Michael Simon - acoustic guitar, vocals
1991-  Eric "Fish" Hecht - vocals, bagpipes, shawm, flute
2005-  Simon Michael Schmitt - drums, percussions
2016-  Ally Storch - violin
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1990-1991  Coni - trumpet
1990-1991  Guido - drums
1991  Jörg B. - drums
1991-1997  T.W. - drums
1997-2004  David Pätsch - drums
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Latest reviews

Subway To Sally are one of those strange bands that you can never really categorise properly, there are always bits and pieces of various different genres and styles all encompassed into one. This is one of the key points to keeping a band, or an album...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
For about two years ago, I got acquaintance with a German Industrial band named Subway to Sally, and I know the first thing I thought when I received that promo was; "How in hell can they name a band Subway to Sally?" and believe me, I didn't...
Review by Malcolm ››
The first thing I have to say here is; No I can't speak German or understand it, it's like gibberish for me, and I'm not a fan of German lyrics either, well I guess "Rammstein" is ok, but that's all.
So I was very skeptic...
Review by Malcolm ››

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