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King Of Asgard


2008-  Karl Beckmann - vocals, guitar
2009-  Jonas Albrektsson - bass
2015-  Mathias Westman - drums
2015-  Ted Sjulmark - guitar
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2008-2015  Karsten Larsson - drums
2010-2015  Lars Tängmark - guitars
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2012  Jimmy Hedlund - guitars

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Yes, size does matter when it comes to a penis. Now that I have your attention, stop looking down so desperately. Size doesn't always matter when it comes to music though, when it's more about quality. In recent times I've become a fan of short albums; it has some refreshing effect and is easy to get into when you have a 30-minute commute to work everyday. King Of Asgard's new album :taudr: guides me safely to work and back everyday with its 33 minutes of running time and I can tell you it's the best I have listened to in quite some time.
Review by Windrider ››
When comparing to the mighty Amon Amarth, I always had the opinion that King Of Asgard were the better vikings. This got me rude comments even on sites and under videos of the latter mentioned, but I have my reasons. Both are great, yet over the years my interest drifted towards the darker and more authentic side of the genre, including legends like Helheim and newer bands like this one which releases their new album this year, entitled Karg.
Review by Windrider ››
When a band does something that feels kind of overdone, yet does it slightly better than many - is that good or bad? King Of Asgard play basically what you would expect from a band with that name; viking-themed melodeath a la Amon Amarth or Unleashed.
Review by Doc G. ››

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