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2003-  Ryan Patterson (I) - vocals, guitars
2009-  Carter Wilson - drums
2012-  Kayhan Vaziri - bass
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2003-2004  Keith Bryant - bass
2003-2005  Tony Ash - guitars
2003-2006  Matt Jaha - drums
2005-2012  Mike Pascal - bass
2006-2009  Chris Maggio - drums
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So, this band Coliseum... pretty rock 'n' roll, huh?

The easy way out is to staple that good ol' all-embracing "alternative metal" tag on Coliseum's forehead and just move on with the rest of my review. But things are a tad more complicated than that. What Coliseum have going on here is a mixed bag of post-hardcore-ish punk and groove-laden blues. Make sense much? No? Thought so.   Review by Thryce ››

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