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In This Moment

155 fans
Country: USA
Label: Atlantic Records

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Formed in: 2005

2005- Melodic metalcore
2008- Alternative metal


2005-  Maria Brink - vocals
2005-  Chris Howorth - guitars
2010-  Travis Johnson - bass
2012-  Randy Weitzel - guitars
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2005  Pascual Romero - bass
2005  Josh Newell - bass
2005-2009  Jesse Landry - bass
2005-2011  Jeff Fabb - drums
2005-2011  Blake Bunzel - guitars
2009-2010  Kyle Konkiel - bass
2012-2016  Tom Hane - drums
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2010  Adrian Patrick - vocals
2017  Rob Halford - vocals


Latest reviews

Embracing the zeitgeist is a gamble bands take at their own risk. Succeed, and you can embrace a swathe of new fans and sound revitalized in the process, Fail? Pull in few new fans and alienate established ones while stalling any forward momentum you may have had. In This Moment roll the dice and the resulting album Mother is their weakest release to date. While I can only speak for myself, I can't say I would be surprised if this album is remembered as the latter rather than the former.   Review by omne metallum ››

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