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2006-2012  Brendon Small - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
› 2012-  -//- guitars, keyboards, vocals
2007-  Gene Hoglan - drums
2012-  Bryan Beller - bass, backing vocals
2013  Mike Keneally - vocals
2007-  Mike Keneally - guitars, backing vocals
2007-2012  Bryan Beller - bass, backing vocals
2012  Pete Griffin - bass, backing vocals
2009  Bryan Beller - bass
2013  George Fisher - vocals
2013  Malcolm McDowell - vocals
2013  Victor Brandt (I) - vocals
2013  Mark Hamill - vocals
2013  Jack Black - vocals
2013  Stephen Bruner - bass
2013  Raya Yarbrough - vocals

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‘Twas ten years ago when the gates of Mordhaus last opened, pitching forth one unexpectedly final adventure: The Doomstar Requiem, a whirlwind of a musical that remains one of the most unique things I’ve ever reviewed for Metal Storm. It was a fabulous trip that unfortunately ended in a decade-long cliffhanger thanks to Adult Swim canceling the Metalocalypse series. Now the world’s eighth-largest economy is shredding its way back into action.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
I must preface this review with a warning: if you have not watched the "Metalocalypse" series, and are therefore unfamiliar with the story of Dethklok, then nothing in this album will make any sense whatsoever. That is one of the quirks of this release; it is not a conventional studio album, but the soundtrack to a musical continuation of a running storyline.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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