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Also known as Raven Blood (2005-2006), Vorog (2006-2007), Грай

Country: Russia
Label: Noizgate Records

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Formed in: 2005

2005- Pagan folk metal
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NA-  Vitold Buznaev - guitar
NA-  Ilnur Zarev - drums
NA-  Ruzveld - guitar
NA-  Rimma "Voronia" - keyboards, vocals
2008-  Yuri Bedusenko - bass, growls
2009-  Aliya Latypova - vocals, flute, bagpipes
2010-  Irina Zybina - vocals
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NA-2008  Daria Rodonitsa - vocals
NA-2008  Andrey Char - bass
NA  Andrei Smirnov - drums
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I'm starting to feel like folk metal is becoming more and more of a niche market. These days most of the new bands making waves are playing some variant, usually pagan black metal with folk elements, or (at the other end of the spectrum) hyper-shallow drinking-songs. Is anyone out there still looking for just some straight up melodic folk?   Review by Susan ››

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