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Country: Romania
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 2000

2000-Folk metal
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2000-  Florin Ţibu - guitar, vocals
2000-  Bogdan Mihu - drums
2002-  Bogdan Luparul - guitar, vocals
2013-  Jorge Augusto Coan - bass
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2000-2002  Augustin Abiţei - bass
2002-2006  Paolo Cito Caminha - bass
2006-2010  Tudor "Beks" Murariu - bass
2008-2013  Manuel Giugula - keyboards
2010-2013  Vlad Ştefan Datcu - bass
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2019  Robert "Robse" Dahn - vocals
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Latest reviews

Here's Suntem Aici, the fifth release by Bucovina, a band hailing from the beautiful and majestic lands of Romania. If traditional Romanian folk mixed with traditional heavy metal sounds like your thing, then this album could pleasantly surprise you.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
It took three years, but at last we have another review of a Romanian band that Radu didn't write. Hey, maybe this time I won't sound like an idiot.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
I currently have in front of me a notebook from a class I took on Balkan history. In it are written the three things that I can most confidently say I know about the region of Bukovina:

1. painted monasteries
2. much nicer than Wallachia
3. heartland of Stephen III's Moldavia

Added to this list in spirit, if not in writing, is that Bukovina serves as the origin, namesake, and inspiration for Romania's great folk metal titan (no, obviously not Negură Bunget).
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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