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Also known as Svartidaudi

Country: Iceland
Labels: Ván Records
Terratur Possessions

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Formed in: 2002
Disbanded in: 2022

2002-2022Black metal
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2002-2022  Þórir Garðarsson - guitars
2006-2022  Sturla Viðar Jakobsson - bass, vocals
2010-2022  Magnús "Maggi" Skúlason - drums
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NA  Næturfrost - guitars
NA  Gunnar - bass
NA  Birkir - bass
2002-2009  Hafþór - drums
2006  Egill Þór - bass
2010-2017  Nökkvi G. Gylfason - guitars
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2017-2022  Gústaf Evensen - guitars

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Icelandic black metal has been all the rage in the past few years, mostly thanks to their previous record, but releasing a follow-up to such an important album after six years will certainly bring high expectations.
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