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Concerto Moon

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Country: Japan
Label: Limb Music

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Formed in: 1996

1997- Power metal


1996-  Norifumi Shima - guitars
2011-  Atsushi Kuze - vocals
2015-  Shigeharu Nakayasu - bass
2015-  Aki (II) - keyboards
2015-  Atsushi Kawatsuka - drums
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1996-1997  Nobuho Yoshioka - drums
1996-1998  Osamu Harada - keyboards
1996-2001  Takao Ozaki - vocals
1996-2003  Kosako Mitani - bass
1997-2001  Ichiro Nagai - drums
1998-2009  Toshiyuki Koike - keyboards
1999-2009  Takanobu Kimoto - bass
2001-2011  Takashi Inoue - vocals
2002-2003  Junichi Satoh - drums
2004  Shoichi Takeoka - drums
2007-2015  Masayuki Osada - drums
2009-2011  Toshiyuki Sugimori - bass
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2009  Kosako Mitani - bass
2013-2015  Aki (II) - keyboards

Latest reviews

One year after the release of Gate Of Triumph the five metallers of Concerto Moon chose to do a compilation of their earlier albums, but not in the classic sense. Instead it was a rerecording with their new vocalist Takashi Inoue. Probably this happened...   Review by Pierre Tombale ››
The first live album for any band is always an important step. While Tokyo is a very well-know place for this kind of experience, it's logical that Concerto Moon chooses Tokyo as they are Japanese. So, you could expect something great. Have a glance...   Review by Dream Taster ››
Japanese premier power metal band was back in 2000 with the European release of Rain Forest . After Fragments Of The Moon and From Father To Son, Concerto Moon third effort is honestly the best of these three. With vocals mainly sung in Japanese and...   Review by Dream Taster ››

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