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NA-  Mauro Cordoba - bass
2004-  Takafumi Matsubara - guitars
2004-  Jon Chang - vocals
2006-  Bryan Fajardo - drums
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2004-2006  Keisuke Okada - bass
2004-2006  Takiya Terada - drums
2010-2013  Teddy "Ted" Patterson III - bass
2010-NA  Steve Procopio - guitars
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2014  Joey Molinaro - violin
2014  Paul Pavlovich - vocals

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Gridlink left us in 2014 after hammering out Longhena, 23 minutes of the most technical and melodically sophisticated grindcore ever tracked. An unexpected reunion has yielded a fourth opportunity to bend the rules of one of music’s most chaotic evolutions, and boy does it ever bend.
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