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Discordance Axis


1992-2001  Dave Witte - drums
1992-2001  Jon Chang - vocals
1992-2001  Rob Marton - guitars
1995  Rob Proctor - drums
1997  Steve Procopio - guitars
› 2001  -//-
1997  Merzbow - noise

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I first have to introduce and explain the nature of this album; this is the last release of the Grindcore band called Discordance Axis, "Our Last Day". The interesting part is that the songs gathered in the compilation are not performed by this...
Review by Herzebeth ››
Discordance Axis is one of those bands you'll either hate or love, there's no middle position with this grindcore band from USA. I heard their CD "Jouhou" and I thought it was bad but still I decided to check their "masterpiece"...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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