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Discordance Axis - Our Last Day review

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Band: Discordance Axis
Album: Our Last Day
Release date: April 2005

Discordance Axis:
01. Sega Bass Fishing
02. Ikaruga

Cide Projeckt:
03. Cat's Cradle [Discordance Axis cover]
04. A Broken Tomorrow [Discordance Axis cover]
05. Tokyo [Discordance Axis cover]
06. Killing Field [Discordance Axis cover]
07. Aperture Of Pin Holes [Discordance Axis cover]
08. Mind Seduction Aftermath [Discordance Axis cover]
09. Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said [Discordance Axis cover]
10. Information Sniper [Discordance Axis cover]
11. Amnesia Ceiling [Discordance Axis cover]
12. Macro [remix] [Discordance Axis cover]

13. Radiant Arkham [Discordance Axis cover]
14. The Inalienable Dreamless[Discordance Axis cover]

15. Castration Rite [Discordance Axis cover]
16. A Crack In The Cataracts [Discordance Axis cover]
17. Drowned [Discordance Axis cover]

Melt Banana:
18. Ulterior [Discordance Axis cover]

19. Mimetic [Discordance Axis cover]

20. The Inalienable Dreamless [Discordance Axis cover]

21. Naked Pieces Shattered

I first have to introduce and explain the nature of this album; this is the last release of the Grindcore band called Discordance Axis, "Our Last Day". The interesting part is that the songs gathered in the compilation are not performed by this band (except for the first couple) instead this are Discordance Axis covers by other bands such as Melt Banana, Cide Projekt, Gate and so on. So, now I'll start with the review.

The first 2 songs are really incredible; Discordance Axis is actually a really good band, so "Sega Bass Fishing" and "Ikaruga" are awesome tunes as expected, the Grindcore showed in those tracks is more violent than ever, the vocal-work is really visceral and almost frightening and the drumming is outstanding as always. This little segment of the album really makes you go "Oh damn, why did they Split Up? It was such a good band after all"

Then the peculiar and interesting part begins, "Cide Projekt" enters giving a really odd twist, the synthesizers and the electronic parts detonate the atmosphere in a bizarre way, these songs do not sound bad at all, but the Discordance Axis essence is no longer there; who knows, maybe the fans will hate the "Cide Projekt" segment, but maybe they will love it more than anything. My reviewer opinion is that this section in particular shows that Grindcore can be explored in many ways; "Cide Projekt" just pushed the genre into unorthodox depths such as Electro-Punk, Noise, and so on.

The next sector penetrates with Gate, Mortalized, Melt Banana and Noiseear. The first band flows smoothly through the stereo adding the Grindcore foundation towards the album again; and then "Mortalized" enters smashing everything and giving an excellent performance, the vocal-work is deep and really marvelous, those screams fit perfectly well with the "Discordance Axis" music, even though the original songs have shrieks instead of Growls, so as you might see the "Mortalized" bit is in a word crushing. "Melt Banana" does and excellent work as well, the vocalist (a female by the way) does a fascinating presentation indeed, and the music is of course very good. The covers end with "Noiseear" doing "Mimetic" in a very decent way.

Then finally the collaboration with "Merzbow" takes place, a Noisecore song wrapped in many shapes and structures; it's "Merzbow" with "Discordance Axis" so I'm sure you'll know what to expect (something really sick and disturbing indeed). In the end, this album is the most interesting piece around for the "Discordance Axis" fans, and it'll be a really rare experience for those not familiar with that particular band, personally I liked it.

Best Bands: "Discordance Axis", "Mortalized", "Melt Banana"

Written by Herzebeth | 17.11.2005

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