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1988-  Justin Broadrick - guitars, vocals
1988-2001  G.C. Green - bass
› 2010-  -//-
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1989-1991  Paul Neville - guitars
1996  Bryan Mantia - drums
1996-2002  Ted Parsons - drums
1999  Diarmuid Dalton - moog, samples
1999  Steve Hough - guitars
2002  Paul Raven - bass
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1991-1992  Robert Hampson - guitars
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1988 Godflesh [EP] 8.2
1991 Cold World [EP] 7.9
1991 Slavestate [EP] 7.8
1991 Slavestate Remixes [EP] 6
1994 Merciless [EP] 7.8
1995 Crush My Soul [EP] 7.5
1997 Love And Hate In Dub [EP] 6.4
2000 Messiah [EP] 8
2014 Decline & Fall [EP] 7.5
2016 Needles Into The Ground [EP] 6.3

Latest reviews

This Godflesh review is coming from a strange place. Ordinarily their music is simultaneously numbing and punishing. However, after a day of staring at spreadsheets, having the dentist go medieval on my mouth with a harpoon and power drill, and ineptly fumbling my way through an hour of the Dead Space remake, pressing play on Purge and letting the nostalgic mechanized assault of Godflesh wash over me, the album filled me with such happy thoughts I might as well have been playing Katrina And The Waves “Walking On Sunshine (Don’t It Feel Good?)”. Or at least the Slayer mash-up, ”Chemical Warfare (Don’t It Feel Good?)”.
Review by BitterCOld ››
Plenty of artists have dabbled with dark ambient, but few have become as synonymous with the genre the way that Lustmord did. And out of all genres, dark ambient has been one that metal has interwoven with quite often. Now, the metal world celebrates that.
Review by RaduP ››
Before everyone says, including myself, "Godflesh reunited, here comes Streetcleaner and Pure II", let's all take a step back and relax. They have just released a new EP, their first new material since 2001, and from what I gathered after...
Review by tea[m]ster ››

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