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If you promote a band, always include its name in the topic title. Also, no need for screaming titles, such as 'The heaviest grindcore band in the world!!!'. In fact, band name, genre and country would be quite enough.

Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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Promote your band (for those who can't open new threads) 400
Absu Merch: 20% Off (Entire Order) @ Black Montanas May 18th - May 25 1
NIHILISTIC: Underground Distro/ France 71
Rude Awakening Records 37
Sphere of Apparition Records | Brisbane | AUS 5
Metal/Punk Karaoke In The State Of Georgia 1
Far From Your Sun new album 1
Something Weird – Live in KY (Spring, 2022) 1
Nekrart Productions - Releases & Updates 7
Get the complete Chrome Peeler Rec discography for $4.90 1
Jared Archon Album Reviews Thread 1
Death metal webzine; NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST 5
Metal Fanzines Archive 5
Anfitrite - symphonic metal (new release in Digital and CD format) 1
Maleva (melodeath/thrash, Estonia) 2
Madarosis_new lyric video up now 1
Vortech - The Shadow Presence (Industrial Death Metal) 2
Chrome Peeler Rec. distro has returned 1
Cyber Week 20% Off Storewide Sale @ Black Montanas (Nov29th - Dec 7th) 1
BLACK FRIDAY SALE at The Metalhead Box 1
Something Weird – Live in Lexington, KY (12/4 & 14/2021) 1
Davide Laugelli - instrumetal music for electric bass 1
Thymele - Echoes Of Tragedy 1
DUSK CULT - New band from BE'LAKOR & RAINSHADOW members 1
Something Weird - Live in Louisville, KY (10/3/2021) 1
Wrathaoke - Karaoke With Ambition 1
Chaos Temple, various genres, United States 3
For bands that play live in UK and USA - Discord Network 1
Something Weird - Live in Morehead, KY (7/24/2021) 1