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Major Parkinson


2003-  Jon Ivar Kollbotn - vocals
2003-  Eivind Gammersvik - bass
2003-  Lars Christian Bjørknes - keyboards
2016-  Claudia Cox - violins
2016-  Øystein Bech-Eriksen - guitars
2016-  Sondre Veland - drums
2016-  Sondre Skollevoll - guitars
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2003-2004  Jan Are Rønhovde - drums
2003-2011  Alf Borge - guitars, backing vocals
2003-2014  André Lund - guitars
2004  Rasmus Hungnes - drums
2004-2009  Cato Olaisen - drums
2009-2014  Jens Erik Aasmundseth - drums
2011-2014  Steinar Hjelmbrekke - guitars
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As curious as it is, one of my favourite albums this year was released quite early at the beginning of the year. This stellar album blew me away when I first heard it and it has continued to amaze me throughout the year. I might even say, Twilight Cinema has already stood the test of time. It has definitely survived the initial round of childish excitement. Most importantly, however, each time I listen to it I'm still awed by the detailed theatrical expressiveness and beauty of this album.   Review by Ivor ››

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