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2009-  Tony Sunnhag - vocals
› 2009  -//- bass
2009-  Stefan Jonsson - guitars
2009-  Tony Sandberg - drums
2012-  Markus Albertson - guitars
2012-  Kalle Svedåker - bass
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2009-2012  Thomas Hedlund - bass
2009-2012  Peter Sonefors - guitars
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They stop short of drinking mead out of horns and naming every other song "_______ Of The Gods," but there is no mistaking those chunky, low-end riffs and ominous war drums. These guys are into Amon Amarth big-time. You might think you already have enough Amon Amarth in your life; heck, you might even think that one is too many. You're wrong.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››


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