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Reasons Behind


2010-  Elisa Bonafè - vocals
2010-  Gabriele Sapori - guitars
2010-  Dario "Dige" Trentini - keyboards
2012-  Enrico Goya Menozzi - bass
2013-  Riccardo Grechi - drums
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2010-2011  Giovanni Vecchiarino - bass
2010-2012  Francesco Aloisi - drums
2012  Benny Raist Carniola - drums
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Reasons Behind waste no time in undertaking an ambitious concept album with their debut, The Alpha Memory. Guitar-driven symphonic metal that is full of exuberant keyboard and piano melodies and plenty of unique and memorable vocal passages, Reasons Behind give the listener an emotional journey into the mind of a woman living with one of the greatest conditions of the mind, that of Alzheimer's.   Review by Jason W. ››

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