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Burden Of Grief


1994-  Mike Huhmann - vocals
1994-  Philipp Hanfland - guitars
2006-  Florian Bauer - bass
2021-  Dominik Hellmuth - guitars
2021-  Manuel Lüke - drums
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1994-1999  Christoph Schellöh - drums
1994-2001  Oliver Eikenberg - guitar
1995-2006  Ulrich Busch - bass, guitar
2000-2001  Christian Nürnberg - drums
2001-2004  Carsten Schmerer - drums
2001-2006  Dirk Bulmahn - bass
2004-2018  Sebastian "Rob" Robrecht - drums
2006-2021  Johannes "Joe" Rudolph - guitars
2018-2021  Jan Breede - drums
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2018-2023  Daniel Galmarini - keyboards
2010  Dan Erland Swanö - vocals
2010  Sabina Classen - vocals
2010  Gerre - vocals

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Burden Of Grief is the combo of Gothenburg Death Metal which was missing in the big list of the bands made in Germany. Well, Burden Of Grief is not a newcomer actually and "Death End Road" is already the fourth album of the combo but now that...
Review by Jeff ››
Another Death Metal release now, it's three on a row now.
But anyway, this time, it's no debut album that's being reviewed; "Fields of Salvation" is Burden of Grief's third records since their first one in 2000.
Review by Malcolm ››

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