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Godspeed You! Black Emperor


1994-  Efrim Menuck - guitars, tape loops, keyboards
1994-  Mauro Pezzente - bass
1994-1998  Mike Moya - guitars
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1995-  Sophie Trudeau - violin
1997-  Aidan Girt - drums, percussion
1997-  Thierry Amar - bass, double bass
1997-  David Bryant - guitars, tapes
2010-  Karl Lemieux - film projections
2012-  Timothy Herzog - drums, percussion
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1994-2000  John Littlefair - film projections
1995-1997  Thea Pratt - french horn
1997  Grayson Walker - accordion
1997-2003  Norsola Johnson - cello
1997-2012  Bruce Cawdron - drums, percussion
1998-2003  Roger Tellier-Craig - guitars
2000  Peter Harry Hill - bagpipes
2000  James Chau - keyboards, harpsichord, guitars
2000-2003  Fluffy Erskine - film projections
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2017  Bonnie Kane - saxophone, flute, electronics
2017  Craig Pederson - trumpet

Latest reviews

The first time I listened to this album, it was 6 in the morning, I had just arrived by train to a desolate pandemic stricken town. My workplace only opened at 7, so I walked, with this album blasting in my headphones, as the light was creeping in, and you could see a couple of cars and pedestrians filling the massive landscape. I arrived at work exactly as the album was ending, and the place was desolate too. I knew then and there, that this album wrote itself on me.
Review by RaduP ››
This is the weirdest and most unexpected Godspeed You! Black Emperor album I've listened to, from the press release to how it baffled expectations. Let me explain.
Review by RaduP ››
The mythic demo finally materialised. How does reality compare to legend?
Review by Netzach ››

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