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Vattnet Viskar

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Also known as Vattnet (2017-)

Country: USA
Label: Century Media Records
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Formed in: 2010
Disbanded in: 2017

2010-2017 Atmospheric black metal
2010-2017 Doom metal
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2010-2017  Chris Alfieri - guitars
2010-2017  Nicholas Thornbury - guitars, vocals
2013-2017  Seamus Menihane - drums
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2010-2013  Alan Sobodacha - bass
2010-2013  Matt St. Jean - drums
2013  Joey Perron - bass
2013-2014  Aarne Victorine - bass
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If there was an award this year for "most ambiguous album cover," it would probably have to go to Vattnet Viskar's Settler. Although the image itself reveals almost nothing about the music within, the image that it recreates has powerful implications of blissful unawareness of a fast approaching doom, somber themes that Vattnet Viskar seem to capture with their heavy and airy sound.   Review by Apothecary ››

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