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Pilar Giménez García


2008-2016 Sirenia - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2019- Her Chariot Awaits - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2020- Trail Of Tears - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2022- Lunarian - vocals (as Ailyn)  

Live musician

2017- Melted Space - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2017 Débler - vocals (as Ailyn)  

Guest musician

2011 Serenity - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2014 Diabulus In Musica - vocals (as Ailyn Giménez)  
2014 Enemy Of Reality - vocals (as Ailyn Giménez)  
2015 Mägo De Oz - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2015 Sebastien - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2015 Melted Space - vocals (as Ailyn Giménez)  
2016 Vivaldi Metal Project - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2017 Débler - additional vocals (as Ailyn)  
2017 Secret Rule - vocals (as Ailyn Gimenéz)  
2018 Melted Space - vocals (as Ailyn Giménez)  
2019 Chaos Magic - vocals (as Ailyn)  
2021 Heart Healer - vocals (as Ailyn)  

Personal information

Also known as: Ailyn, Ailyn Giménez, Ailyn Gimenéz
Born on: 29.05.1982


Pilar Giménez García (May 29, 1982), professionally known as Ailyn (originally An Ling), is a Spanish singer born in Esplugues de Llobregat. She is the female vocalist of the Norwegian Gothic metal band Sirenia since 2008, and is also known as a member of the young team in El Factor X, the Spanish version of X Factor.

Musical start

Her musical career started at the age of 15, when she studied solfege and classical singing at The Albéniz School of Music.

Her professional debut was in 2002 in Cornellà de Llobregat, in an annual benefit fashion show the city held to raise money for Alzheimer's sufferers.

Her first discographic contract was as part of the group Charm (a female vocal trio that played anime songs, J-pop and J-rock). After their first album titled "Konnichiwa" and released in 2003, she wanted to try her luck as a solo artist, she began recording tracks on her own. In 2004, after completing some tunes for the "Kimagure Orange Road" anime series, she left the group.

Solo career

In September 2005, she was a contestant representing Spain in the International Pop Music Festival "Canzoni Dal Mondo", being among the 10 finalists.

In October, she got the "Silver Tabaiba" to the Best Performance in the 5th Edition of the International Song Festival in the Canary Islands.

In November, she got the "Gold Tabaiba" to the Best Singer Of A Published Song, in the 6th Edition of the International Song Festival in the Canary Islands. The song, "Puedo Sentir", was originally sung by Lena Park (Fall In Love).

X Factor + More

In May 2007, she was selected as a member of the young team in the Spanish version of X Factor.

In the different episodes she sang Time After Time, Moonlight Shadow, Bring Me to Life and Why. She was eliminated in the fourth episode.


Ailyn performing live with Sirenia at Norway Rock Festival in 2009

On April 9, 2008 it was announced that Ailyn was chosen as the new singer of Sirenia out of over 500 women. "I got selected as Sirenia's new vocalist as an accident," she later told an interviewer. "My sister added them to my myspace's friends, but we didn't realize that if you wanted to audition for the band you had to send them your demo or add them as friends, so I was shocked when they wrote to me asking to go to Norway and audition for the new vocalist. I went there twice, the first time was a studio audition and the second one with all the band members. I think I was selected because I'm what Morten was looking for the band, and also since the first moment we connected all the members from Sirenia and me."

The first album with the band is The 13th Floor, which was released on January 23, 2009.