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Kenneth "Ken" Owen


1985-1996 Carcass - drums  
1995-1999 Blackstar - drums  

Guest musician

2006 Send More Paramedics - backing vocals  
2013 Carcass - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 23.04.1970

As Carcass frontman Jeff Walker, Ken is also a vegetarian.
Ken also had a lyrical influence on Carcass - he wrote the lyrics for Psychopathologist, the first Carcass song to ever get lyrics, and he also invented the word Necroticism.
In February 1999, Ken suffered a Arterio Venus Malformation, a brain haemorrhage - which then lead to a ten month coma. Later on, Earache records used this as the reason for not releasing the 'Choice Cuts' compilation, scheduled for release on March 22nd 1999, out of respect for Ken's family.
In a 2003 interview, Ken stated that he had started drumming again, which pleased him as he had missed the physical nature of drumming. Although this is great news, it will probably be a while before he's able to play with Carcass - due to the haemorrhage, his right and left arms are not completely coordinating yet. However, he still continues to make electronic music, seemingly for his own personal enjoyment as none of it has been released to date, via the music program Cubase. There has no been word as to whether this project will be given a proper release.