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Klaus Meine


1970- Scorpions - vocals  

Live musician

1984 Michael Schenker Group - vocals  

Guest musician

2010 Avantasia - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 25.05.1948

Klaus Meine (born May 25, 1948) is a German singer, best known as the frontman of the hard rock/heavy metal band Scorpions. He is well-noted for his unique voice and polished delivery which ranges from high notes to soft ballads, and is respected worldwide for his support for music and human rights.

Meine writes most of, but not all the lyrics to Scorpions' songs. He also shares the authorship of some lyrics with Herman Rarebell (former drummer of Scorpions) on some songs like the major hit "Rock You like a Hurricane", among others. He also composed some songs alone like "Wind of Change" and "A Moment in a Million Years".

In 1981, after a world tour and during the recording of the Blackout album, Meine lost his voice so badly he could not even speak properly. Meine was advised by his doctor to consider another profession due to his voice problems. However, Scorpions stuck together and after therapy and vocal cord surgery, Meine's voice recovered.
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