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Carmen Elise Espenæs


2002- Midnattsol - vocals  
2013- Savn - vocals  

Guest musician

2009-2010 Leaves' Eyes - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 30.09.1983

Carmen Elise Espenæs (born on September 30, 1983 in Stavanger, Norway) is the vocalist and the co-founder of the gothic/folk metal band Midnattsol.

In 2002, Carmen Elise and guitarist Chris Hector founded the German-Norwegian Symphonic metal and folk metal band Midnattsol; their intention was to start working on this project once they found like-minded persons to join their band.

The new members were then identified in Chris Murzinsky as drummer (who is the former drummer of Penetralia), Daniel Fischer as keyboardist, and later on Daniel Droste as guitarist and Birgit Öllbrunner as bassist.

In September 2004, Espenæs was offered to tour with Cradle Of Filth on their live tour supporting Nymphetamine; however, due to commitments with her band, Espenæs declined such request.

She is the younger sister of Liv Kristine Espenæs (Theatre Of Tragedy, Leaves' Eyes)


Day of birth:
September 30.

Place of residence:
Stavanger, Norway

Music, singing, nature, animals, languages, cultures, travelling, yoga, dancing, ice - skating and skiing, psychology and pedagogy

To see how bad people treat themselves, animals and the nature

Musical background:
A.o Musician school, choirs, guest vocal

Micros, In Ear, Equipment for recording

Preparation for a show:
Beside all the technical things; take my stage clothes on and warm up.
It is mostly a lot of stress without time for singing. But I always try to
drink a cup of green tea and sage tea with honey.

What is your biggest joy when playing live:
The personal connection that appears between the fans and us.
That is something undescribable!

First Record you bought:
Black Album - Metallica

All time Top 5 Albums:
Black Album - Metallica
Theatre of tragedy - Aegis
Anathema - Eternity
Anathema - Judgement
Dead can dance (all)

Best attended concert:
Anathema - Karlsruhe 2007

Favorite drink:
Bio green tea (e.g. from Yogi)

Favorite food:
Vegan taco, fruits

Favorite book:
All the books from Coehlo, can't decide which one is the best.

Favorite movie/ TV show:
Dancing with Wolfs, Braveheart, Flåklypa

Philosophy of life/ Slogan/ Statement:
Love yourself for what you are

Place you would like to visit:
Places in South America, where the native americans lived.

Favoured season:
I like all the seasons for what they are.

Life´s dream:
A world without pain and destruction.