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Markus "Marc" Reincke


2001 Mystic Circle - drums  
2001-2010 Destruction - drums  
2011-2020 Morgoth - drums  
2017-2018 Sodomizer - drums (as Marc "Speedy" Reign)  
2019- Satan Worship - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Abyss, Marc Reign
Born on: 16.10.1970
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Marc: Drums
Born on the 16th October 1970
Height: 185cm
Weight: 90kg (Heavy bones!)

How long have you been playing your instrument?: Since 1982
Used Equipment: Pearl, Premier and Ludwig
Listening Metal since: Started 1983 with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and AC/DC - then it got harder, with Slayer & Destruction too of course.
Best concert(s) of your career?: With Destruction in Berlin on the last tour.
Favorite band: Nevermore, Destruction, the old Maiden, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Vader,Tool, Meshugga, AC/DC, and a lot more, some rockmusic too like Soundgarden.
Musical influence: Buddy Rich, Dave Lombardo of course, Pete Sandoval, Vinnie Appice, Dave Weckal
Is there any kind of music you don't like at all?: Boygroups!
Favorite movie: Evil dead, Gladiator
Favorite food: Duck sweet-sour, baked crunchy (chinese) and Indian Chicken Tandoori
Favorite drinks: Beer, red wine, cocoa, Vodka-Orange Juice, Whiskey (prefereable irish, also with Coke).
Favorite country: Hawaii
Prefered female: red haired (colored too!)
What do you hate the most?: Profileinterviews (just kidding)!
Your tip to other / young bands: Don't give up, believe in yourself and don't loose the fun.
Your worst habit: Sleeping too long.
What are you unbeatable in?: In masturbating and in computergames
What is the biggest lie of mankind?: That the Americans are the good ones.
Why is H.M. "Your" music?: I've grown up with it, and its the most interesting music for a drummer besides jazz.
Biggest wish: To get both things arranged, girlfriend and music.
Do you got idols?: No, not really....besides Bon Scott maybe, he's a legend.
Youre slogan for live: Don't let others bring you down and believe in your dreams.