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Hamish Hamilton Glencross


1994-1996 Seer's Tear - guitars  
1996-1999 Solstice - guitars  
1999-2014 My Dying Bride - guitars  
2010-2017 Vallenfyre - guitars  
2017- Godthrymm - vocals, guitars  
2017-2018 Vallenfyre - guitars, bass  

Personal information

Born on: 13.02.1978

Hamish Glencross (born February 13, 1978 in Dundee, Scotland) is one of My Dying Bride's guitarists. He also co-founded Blackdoom Records with the other guitarist in the band, Andrew Craighan.

He replaced Calvin Robertshaw in 1999 prior to the band touring for the album The Light at the End of the World and has been an official member of My Dying Bride ever since. Prior to joining My Dying Bride he played guitar for UK progressive metal band Seer's Tear, Leeds based punk/metal band Apocalypso and UK doom metal band Solstice. Before concentrating on music, Hamish also did some acting work; appearing on both stage and television - something he has expressed an interest in returning to in the future. TV appearances include the groundbreaking gay drama Queer As Folk, BBC sitcom Birds of a Feather, and children's hit tv series Grange Hill.

Glencross currently endorses Jackson guitars, and has been playing them exclusively since 2006. He favours the Jackson_Randy_Rhoads model, playing a number of variations of that model both live and in the studio.


* Jackson Guitars
* Line 6 Processors
* Marshall Amplification speaker cabinets