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Antti Hakulinen


2004- Anthriel - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 05.11.1980

Name: Antti Hakulinen

Date of birth: 05.11.1980

Place of birth: Tampere, Finland

Sign: Scorpion

Influences: Lyle Mays, Michael Pinnella, Jens Juu-Hansson, Franz Liszt, J S Bach, Sergei Prokofiev and great performers like Martha Argerich, Valentina Lisitsa and Glenn Gould

Favourite bands: Pat Metheny group, Symphony-x, Ayreon

Favourite albums: Pat Metheny group - The way up, Symphony-X - Damnation Game.

Favourite songs: Changes too often

Food: Anything that involves pasta, steaks and stews.

Actor/Actress: Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone as in Rocky movies.

Movies: Godfather movies. Rocky from 1 -4. StarWars and The Lord of the rings.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family.

Gear: Gem Pro 2 for piano sounds, Kurzweil PC3x and Nord lead 2x.

( As used in "The Pathway" album you'll hear, Gem pro2, Kurzweil Pc3, Roland Alpha Juno, Alesis Andromeda A6, Roland Fantom-xr and various VSTIs. )

Musical background:

Well my family was musical. That mainly involves my
father, me and little sister Helena. In my youth i had the chance to
actually own many instruments like drums, bass, guitar and keyboards
along with every kids instrument, The nokkahuilu and bongo drums!
Being able to play with that range of instruments really helped my understanding of music in general.

From elementary school to age of 12 i took basic piano lessons and were then
dulled by it and drawn into playing bass guitar in the local grunge band called
Oddity. I was lucky to be able to play with many types of bands and many
type of music ranging from blues & rock'n roll to grunge and
hardrock/heavy. Alongside Oddity I had numerous side projects with great

Later on, Oddity broke and i had come to known the guys from "the other
band" because we were sharing a rehearsal spot. I joined the other band
( later called Pillars of the Past ) as a keyboard player in
perhaps 96' or 97', and keyboard was instrument i hadn't played for years so i
started to rehearse it again. We had gas with Pillars of the Past.

Pillars of the Past broke some time after 2000.

Timo, Jari and me continued to play with each other and Timo had endless flow of amazing ideas that we kept working with. During that time we did instrumental album from ideas Timo had in mind.

Sometime in 07'08 I joined up a band called Heijaste. I had awesome
time with Heijaste guys and i learned really lot from them. I think they're one of the best stage bands out there,
full of energy and taking audience was natural to them.
However i had to make decicion to resign from Heijaste as i'd had to do that sooner or later anyway, so i didn't see point to
postpone my departure further away.

It was time to concentrate fully on Anthriel again.
We worked inhuman hours for the pathway with Timo. We had lead singer changes,
we changed from cubase to full ProTools system and had to learn it on the way. It was grazy time and most taxing period in
my life. I was human wreck literally ( 4 - 6 hours sleep for months ).
I think both of us don't want the same experience again, luckily though we don't have to anymore.

In the end it's all about the music and how it makes you feel, i've never cared of the popularity.
If i can't connect to song emotionally i simply don't have anything to play. I refuse to play the same
thing every other player would that you hear on the radio and there always has to be something special in the songs for me.
In Anthriel we improvise a lot, we don't use external producers
and we don't compromise with any labels. This is exactly what we did with The Pathway album.
We'll see in future where our road will lead us.

That's it folks, cya on stage!!