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Kimberly Goss


1994-1995 Avernus - vocals  
1995-1997 Ancient - vocals, keyboards  
1997-2004 Sinergy - vocals  

Live musician

1996-1997 Therion - keyboards, backing vocals  
1997-1998 Dimmu Borgir - keyboards  
1998 Children Of Bodom - keyboards  

Guest musician

1999 To/Die/For - vocals  
2000 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - vocals  
2000-2002 Warmen - vocals  
2005 Kylähullut - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 15.02.1978


Kimberly Goss (born February 15, 1978, Los Angeles, California) is the vocalist and founding member of the Finnish-based heavy metal band Sinergy.

She was born in Los Angeles to a Korean father and a German-American mother, who was a jazz singer. When she was a year old, her mother accepted a job offer to sing in Japan, where they went on to live for one year in the town of Kawasaki, near Tokyo. They moved back to Los Angeles in 1980 and eventually relocated to Chicago (her mother's birthplace), where Kimberly was raised for most of her childhood.

Before starting her own band she sang and played keyboards for Norwegian black metal band Ancient from 1996 to 1997, and during those years was also the touring keyboard player for Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. She also played live keyboards for Dimmu Borgir, having toured with them throughout the world in support of their Enthrone Darkness Triumphant album. She then went on to temporarily play keyboards for Children Of Bodom during their 1998 European tour while their own keyboardist was occupied with school. She was in a long term relationship with and eventually married guitarist Alexi Laiho (who plays lead guitar for both Sinergy and Children Of Bodom), but the couple separated in 2004. Although no longer together, they still remain close friends.

Goss started her career in music early, debuting as a singer for the underground band Avernus at the age of fifteen. She went on to write and publish her own underground extreme metal fanzine at the age of sixteen, interviewing widely recognized bands such as Emperor, Darkthrone, Mayhem and Bathory, to name a few. Still at seventeen, she moved to Norway in order to pursue an offer she received to play in the band Ancient. After recording one album with them, they went on tour with bands like Dark Funeral and Bal-Sagoth. She was also invited to play keyboards and sing backing vocals on Therion's world tour in support of their Theli album. With Therion, she toured with bands like Amorphis, Sentenced and My Dying Bride as well as playing major European festivals like Dynamo Open Air. In 1997 she was also asked to join Dimmu Borgir as a session keyboardist where they went on to tour with bands like In Flames, Krisiun and Kreator. During the tour with In Flames in august of 1997, she met guitarist Jesper Strömblad and together they formed the first incarnation of Sinergy. She moved to Sweden in 1998 to rehearse with the first line-up of the band and proceeded to record their debut album, Beware the Heavens. Shortly after, she relocated once again and moved to Finland, where she currently lives. Together with original band member Alexi Laiho, they reformed Sinergy with Finnish musicians. Over the years Sinergy has teamed up to tour with bands like Nightwish, Angra, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and Children Of Bodom. They've also played some of the biggest metal festivals in the world including Wacken Open Air. Their success in Japan led Kimberly to receive an offer to write a monthly column for over 3 years in Burrn! magazine.

Goss has also made contributions to other bands, writing some lyrics for Children Of Bodom on three of their albums, and lending her voice to guest sing on albums by Warmen, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, To/Die/For, Exhumation, and, most recently, Kylähullut.
Goss is now a vocal instructor for the School of Rock USA Camp in Naperville, Illinois.