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Carlo Andrea Magnani


1991-2002 Labyrinth - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
1998- Vision Divine - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2009- Labyrinth - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2020- Shining Black - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  

Guest musician

1997 Shadows Of Steel - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
1998 Eddy Antonini - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
1999-2000 Skylark - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2000 Cydonia - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2000 Shadows Of Steel - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2003 Ivory - guitar solo (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2008 Beto Vázquez Infinity - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2009 Bulldozer - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2012 Lunocode - guitar solo (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2013 Dragonfly - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2013-2017 Avelion - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2014 Crazy Rain - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2015 Drakkar - guitar solo (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2015 Skylark - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2018 Icy Steel - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  
2018-2019 Delfinia - guitars (as Olaf Thörsen)  

Personal information

Also known as: Olaf Thörsen
Born on: 27.09.1971

Official website

Monicker: Olaf Thorsen
Real name: Carlo Andrea Magnani
Country: Italy
Instrument: Guitar
Play Guitar since: I was 20 (almost)
Actual Band: Vision Divine
Favourite Food: Meat
Favourite Drink: Beer
Favourite Song: Painkiller
Hobbies : Computer (Games & Internet)
First Song Ever written: Salem (1991)
First Concert Played: Carrara Italy (1991)
First Band: Labyrinth (First name of the Band: Vision), Formed in February 1991
Line-up changes: 46
Bands I Played/Play in: Labyrinth, Skylark, Shadows of Steel, Ivory, Eddy Antonini, Vision Divine, Cydonia.


I started playing the guitar very late (almost 20 years old). Thanks God I already knew how to write and read music and its theory thanks to my previous classical studies, so I could focus on guitar techniques since the day one, and this saved me a lot of time that's generally needed if you'd start studying an instrument with no musical knowledge at all. The funny thing is that I started playing guitar to share some time with my friends, who also wanted to have some fun playing music, and since the very first moment I created the band that lately would have turned into Labyrinth, in which I would have played for more than 10 Years. At the moment I'm completely involved with Vision Divine, which is my one and only band.

Musical Influences
Of course, there are many albums I really love, but the list below presents those that really influenced my style.

There are very few things I like- First of all: Music, the only thing that gives me satisfaction. And then, when I have free time, I like to play PC video games, or to surf on the Internet, but usually, when I'm not busy with music (which is rare), I like to have some beers with my few friends, or stay at home-

I don't like the hypocrisy of music biz, where everyone just thinks of oneself. That's a shitty world, believe me!

Metal Top 5
Judas Priest - "Painkiller"
Yngwie. J. Malmsteen - "Odyssey"
Sepultura - "Arise"
Kreator - "Coma of Souls"
Fate's Warning - "Parallels"