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Erlend Caspersen


1998-2011 Blood Red Throne - bass  
2001- The Allseeing I - bass  
2007-2012 Deeds Of Flesh - bass, vocals  
2008-2017 Spawn Of Possession - bass  
2014- Abhorrent - bass  

Studio musician

2001 Dismal Euphony - bass  
2006 Decrepit Birth - bass  
2007 Emeth - bass  

Live musician

2006 Decrepit Birth - bass  
2006-2012 Vile - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 13.02.1982


Erlend Caspersen is a Norwegian fingerstyle bassist, known for his work with bands such as Deeds Of Flesh, Blood Red Throne, The Allseeing I and session jobs for bands such as Vile, Decrepit Birth and Incinerate. He is notable for his highly technical playing, and a highly varied range of techniques, including two-handed tapping, sweeping, and slapping.