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Gianpiero "Gian" Piras


NA- Graven Image - guitars  
NA- Kali - guitars  
NA- Raw Noise - guitars  
NA- Ship Of Fools - guitars  
1993 Solstice - bass  
1994-1996 Solstice - guitar  
1995-1996 Bal-Sagoth - guitars  
1996-2002 Cradle Of Filth - guitars (as Gian Pyres)  
2007-2009 The Rotted - guitar  

Studio musician

2001 Extreme Noise Terror - guitars  

Live musician

2002-2003 Christian Death - guitars  
2006- Dragonlord - guitars  
2009- Sarah Jezebel Deva - guitars (as Gian Pyres)  

Guest musician

2003 Theatres Des Vampires - guitar  

Personal information

Also known as: John Pyres
Born on: 20.10.1973

Gian Pyres (born Gianpiero Piras, October 20, 1973) is a British Guitarist perhaps best known for his work with extreme metal band Cradle of Filth for which he co-wrote and recorded guitars for Cruelty and the Beast (1998), Midian (2000), Bitter Suites to Succubi (2001) and Lovecraft & Witch Hearts (2002). He appeared on dvds Heavy, Left-Handed and Candid (2001), Live Bait for the Dead (2001) and Peace Through Superior Firepower (2005) and appeared in Alex Chandon's Cradle of Fear (2001). In addition he has appeared in music videos for From the Cradle to Enslave (1999), Her Ghost in the Fog (2000), Born in a Burial Gown (2001) and Scorched Earth Erotica (2002). He also appeared with Cradle of Filth on BBC's Living with the Enemy (1998).
Other live and recording appearances include Ship of Fools, Solstice Lamentations EP (1994) and Halcyon (1995), and Dragonlord as touring guitarist (2005-6). He also recorded as a guest guitarist for Bal Sagoth on A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (1995), Christian Death on Born Again Anti-Christian (2000), Extreme Noise Terror on Being and Nothing (2001)and Italian symphonic black metal band Theatres des Vampires on Vampyrìsme (2003). He played for The Rotted (formerly known as Gorerotted) until November 2009, co-wrote and recorded Get Dead Or Die Trying (2008) and featured on the video Nothing But A Nosebleed. He is currently a member of Screamin' Daemon, appearing on the yet un-released album Wrath of the Genocide Gods; and is playing live guitar for the American extreme metal group Saetith.
He is endorsed by PRS Guitars and Peavey.
Gian Piras has also worked for game developer The Creative Assembly/SEGA, in Sussex, England on Rome: Total War, Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion and Medieval 2: Total War. He also represented The Creative Assembly as a games technician on BBC2's Time Commanders.