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Fotis Giannakopoulos


1998-2002 InnerWish - drums  
1998-NA Dream Devoid - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2003-2014 Septicflesh - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2004-2006 Nightrage - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2004-2008 Nordor - drums (as Kane)  
2007-2008 Necromantia - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2010- Chaostar - percussion (as Fotis Benardo)  
2011- Double Square - drums (as Fotis Vernardos)  
2020- Nightfall - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2024- Nightrage - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  

Studio musician

2001 Casus Belli - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2002-2004 Bob Katsionis - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2003 Morning After - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2004 InnerWish - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2005 Perpetual - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2007 Nordor - drums (as Kane)  
2008 Acherontas - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2015 Odious - guitars, bass (as Fotis Benardo)  
2017 Power Crue - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2022 Sakis Tolis - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  

Live musician

2005 Firewind - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2007-2008 Nordor - drums (as Kane)  
2023- Sakis Tolis - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  

Guest musician

2004 Inactive Messiah - vocals (as Fotis Benardo)  
2012 Enshadowed - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2013 Fallen Arise - guitars (as Fotis Benardo)  
2013 Fallen Arise - guitars (as Fotis Benardo)  
2013 Enshadowed - percussion (as Fotis Benardo)  
2014 Battleroar - choirs vocals (as Fotis Benardo)  
2014 Elysion - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2014 W.E.B. - acoustic guitars (as Fotis Benardo)  
2015 Heritage - vocals (as Fotis Benardo)  
2015 Revolted Masses - additional vocals (as Fotis Benardo)  
2016 Enshadowed - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2016 Rotting Christ - percussion (as Fotis Benardo)  
2019 Diviner - backing vocals (as Fotis Benardo)  
2020 Costas Varras - drums (as Fotis Benardo)  
2021 Tales Of The Old - vocals (as Fotis Benardo)  
2024 Suicidal Angels - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Fotis Benardo
Born on: 24.05.1980


Fotis Benardo( SepticFlesh / Chaostar / SixForNine ): Born in 1980 in Thessaloniki, Greece and started studying drums in 1997.

Since 2003 he has been teaching and doing Clinic Sessions in multiple cities around the world. Fotis invented the concept of the "Hellblast" technique. A variation of the normal "blast-beat", where the main difference is that the blast is performed by one foot only. He has worked with various bands such as Nightrage and Firewind, until 2002 when he joined Septicflesh for their European tour promoting their
"Sumerian Daemons" album (Hammerheart Records).

Ever since he released 2 studio albums with Septicflesh by Season of Mist Records : "Communion" - 2008, mixed and produced by Fredrik Nordstrom, (In Flames/Dimmu Borgir/Arch Enemy etc.) and "The Great Mass" - 2011, mixed and produced by Peter Tägtgren.

The release of "The Great Mass" gladly met a massive promotion which was followed on by touring in Europe, United States and Canada with top-of-the-field-bands, such as Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, As I lay Dying, Megadeth, Kreator and many more.

As a "Sound Engineering and Music Technology" graduate he is the proud co-owner of "DEVASOUNDZ" studios along with Christos Antoniou, which is taking over
the majority of heavy bands such as: SEPTICFLESH, CHAOSTAR, THE FALLEN WITHIN and ROTTING CHRIST among others.

Fotis Benardo is also a founding member and frontman of the rock band SixForNine which has recently recorded their debut album.