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1995-  Thimios Krikos - guitars
1995-  Manolis Tsigos - guitars
1998-  Antonis Mazarakis - bass
2007-  Georgios Georgiou - keyboards
2010-  Fragiskos Samoilis - drums
2013-  George Eikosipentakis - vocals
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1995-1998  Yiannis Papanikolaou - vocals
1997-1998  Alexis Levenderis - bass
1997-1998  Pavlos Balatsoukas - drums
1998-2002  Panagiotis Mylonas - vocals
1998-2002  Fotis Giannakopoulos - drums
2002-2010  Terry Moros - drums
2002-2012  Babis Alexandropoulos - vocals
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2004  Fotis Benardo - drums
2010-2016  Christina Alexiou - soprano vocals
2010-2016  Alexandros Louziotis - tenor vocals
2016  Yiannis Papanikolaou - backing vocals

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Inner Wish comes from Greece and "Inner Strength" is already their third album. If their two precedent releases weren't especially sensational, the band is still alive and comes this year with their last production. "Inner Strength"...
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If I say Power Metal from Limb, then many of you know what I mean (and some just turn their heads away), so if you're not into Power I guess you don't have to read anymore.
Still reading? Then I guess you're a fan of Power anyway, good....
Review by Malcolm ››

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