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Dark Oath - Biography


Dark Oath was formed in 2009, in Coimbra, Portugal, by guitarists Joël Martins and José Bertolo, joined shortly after by vocalist Carlos Pereira,
bassist Emerson Nunes and drummer Pedro Galvão.

Debuting live in early 2010, they went to Ultrasound Studios Moita, and at the hands of Hugo Andrade and Nuno Pardal as sound engineers andp roducers, their first EP, "Under a Blackened Sky", was released that same year.

With this set of songs, the band toured extensively through the country, sharing the stages with multiple national and international bands.

In 2012, after vocalist Sara Leitão joined the band and took Carlos Pereira's place, the second EP, "Journey Back Home", wich was recorded, mixed and produced by the band (at the time with limited equipment and knowledge), was released with an unfortunate poor sound quality
but necessary to promote the new line-up and songs, which was followed by more extensive touring.

In 2013, José Bértolo, Emerson Nunes and Pedro Galvão parted ways with the band. Bassist Afonso Aguiar and guitarist Sérgio Pinheiro joined the band.

With a steady and focused line-up, it was time to write a full-lenght record, taking a break from the stages to focus entirely on the album. Meanwhile, WormHoleDeath Records took an interest and offered a record deal to which the band agreed and signed.

Late 2015, with the album almost done, the band welcomes Tiago Correia (Analepsy, Brutal Brain Damage) as their live drummer.

After multiple rough patches along the band's journey, "When Fire Engulfs the Earth", Dark Oath's first album, recorded by Paulo Lopes at SoundVision Studios, mixed and mastered by Miguel Tereso, and produced by the band, was released through WormHoleDeath Records on April 15th, 2016.

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