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Time Machine - Biography

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Time Machine is without any doubt one of the most appreciated bands on the European progressive metal scene. Since their foundation in late 1992 up to date, their music has been described by the worldwide media as some of the most interesting and original power-prog metal ever to emerge from Italy, and it's no secret that the success of Time Machine has opened up a lot of doors for other Italian acts to follow through.

The music of Time Machine is a mixture of progressive metal, melodic heavy metal with epic and symphonic-classical influences and even a hint of the commercial side of hard rock - it is no wonder that the media and the fans have had a hard time describing the music of this very original band.

Time Machine ... 1993-1996 ? The basic idea for forming Time Machine sprang from the minds of bassist Lorenzo Deho' and his long-time friend and musical companion guitarist Ivan Oggioni back in late 1992, when the two decided to end their musical activity by recording a "project" album; which was Project: Time Scanning. Little did they know then, that this album would not be the end, but actually the beginning of a whole new career.
Joining former Moon Of Steel vocalist Andrea Ruggeri and a couple of guest musicians, Time Machine was a reality, started to record the album in October 1992 and it took until August 1993 before the album was ready for release.
The immediate success the album gained led Lorenzo and Ivan to make this a permanent band, and the two invited in former Moon Of Steel guitarist JoeTaccone who stayed with the band for the next 8 years.
The next release was the 3-song MCD Dungeons Of The Vatican, with a new line-up that also toured upon the release. The fans' response was fantastic and the limited edition mini CD was quickly sold out. The MCD is now being reissued in limited numbered edition.
In fall 1994 the core of the band, Lorenzo, Ivan and Joe, integrated new members (drummer Antonio Rotta and the great young vocal-talent Folco Orlandini), and started writing the next album, the amazing Act II: Galileo, which was released in 1995. This fantastic concept album is based on the true life-story of the 17th century Italian scientist Galileo Galilei and remains one of the best prog-metal albums of all times.
Helped by its very epic and progressive edge, Act II: Galileo, received nothing but praise in the media around the world, and a lengthy sold-out tour throughout Italy soon followed. One of the highlights of this touring was the show in Milan's The Factory Club on April 06th 1996, when Time Machine were joined by members of Brazilian speed-prog metal band Angra for an acoustic show-case.

Time Machine... 1996-1999 ? In 1996 Time Machine joined forces with ex-Sabotage singer Morby, drummer Nick Rossetti and saxophonist Stefano Della Giustina, featured as guest musician on one track on the previous album.
The new work, Shades Of Time, saw the band heading in another direction, towards a heavier semi-progressive sound, with more than a hint of US power-prog metal.
Great songs and a superb cover version of Black Sabbath's "Heaven & Hell" made the album a true gem for all Time Machine fans.
1997 saw the band touring as much as possible, with a.o. a gig at Italy's most prestigious rock club The Rolling Stone, and played the huge Gods Of Metal festival with Manowar, Angra and others. Right after, Morby left the band and talented young vocalist Nick Fortarezza emerged to fill the void.
For the next studio release, Eternity Ends, Time Machine chose to take on another change of sound direction - this time heading into a very intricate and atmospheric kind of progressive/melodic metal. Andre Matos, lead vocalist of Angra, contributed his vocal talent to one of the songs, "I Believe Again", which is to be found on the maxi-single Secret Oceans Part 2, released just after Eternity Ends in November 1998.
The album was going to be quite different than what most Time Machine fans had expected, though it was enthusiastically received and opened up doors to new shares of audience.

Time Machine ... 1999-2000 ? In 1999 Lorenzo (bs), Joe (gt) and Nick (dr) decided to put together a side-project where they could play a kind of more melodic style of semi-progressive metal: this band was Khali.
In the meanwhile, Lucretia Records decided it was time to release a "best of..." CD. In the spring of 2000 Hidden Secrets saw the light of day.
Besides the most well known and requested Time Machine songs, this amazing double album includes new renditions of TM songs, demo tracks and even some live stuff - yes, this is not just the typical "best of..." CD but a great overview of Time Machine's best moments as well as a presentation of their rare and unreleased tracks and outtakes.

Time Machine ... 2000-2002 ? Teaming up with Italian record label Underground Symphony and Danish based metal-agency Intromental Management, Time Machine then got ready to make another big impact on the metal scene. The first sign of progress was the July 2001 release of the mini CD Aliger Daemon.
The new line-up featured vocalist Pino Tozzi and drummer Claudio Riotti (both from Arkhé), guitarist Gianluca Ferro (who also helped out on the Khali live gig at Gods Of Metal festival in 2000), plus guest keyboardist Eddy Antonini (Skylark).
Also this time around Time Machine chose to do a concept-piece. Based around the bone-chilling novel "Cherudek" by Italian award-winning writer and history professor Valerio Evangelisti, the concept album titles Evil - Liber Primus, released worldwide on October 31st 2001.

Time Machine ... 2002-2004 ? The band returns with the follow-up to Evil, the second part of the "Eymerich Trilogy", entitled Reviviscence - Liber Secundus. Another conceptual piece of art, and with a much stronger musical foundation than ever before.
The new Time Machine 2003/2004 line-up is better than any other TM line-up in the band's history, something the music clearly shows - pompous, symphonic epic metal with lots of melodies and a nicely dark progressive foundation.
Guests on the album are Rafael Bittencourt (gtr) and Kiko Loureiro (gtr) from Angra, Fabio Ribeiro (key) from Shaman and Blezqi Zatsaz, Mariano Croce (gtr) and Andrea Mastroianni (key) from Concept, Matteo Giuliani (backing vocals) from Snake Eyes (now Edge Of Forever).

Time Machine... present time ? The band is right now in the process of finishing their new creature: the third and last episode of the Eymerich Trilogy, which release is scheduled for April/May 2007.
The album is being recorded at the Villa Pomini Studio in Castellanza (VA), Italy, production is being taken care of by Gianluca Ferro and Andrea Bernardi; mix and mastering will take place in February 2007.
The line-up includes Marco Sivo (vocals), Gianluca Ferro (guitars, bass), Lorenzo Deho' (bass guitar, keyboards), plus two re-entries from the Evil line-up: Alex Del Vecchio (keyboards), Claudio Riotti (drums).
The release of the album will be managed through a co-operation between Lucretia Records International and partner label Underground Symphony.